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Edit, create, and view EXIF, EXIF GPS, and IPTC data. Supported file-formats: - JPEG, TIFF, PNG
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20 September 2010

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Exif Pilot Pro allows you to view, create, and edit the EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.

Features: Exif Pilot Pro is software for viewing, editing, and creating EXIF and IPTC data produced by most digital cameras. The program allows you to view EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data. You are able to edit and create EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.The program also allows for easy import and export of data. This is possible in several formats that include XML, MS Excel, text or CSV formats. You may have information recorded in a single file or in separate files.You can choose tags for data exports.Formats that can be handled are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DNG, NEF, PEF, CRW, JP2, PSD images. You can read, edit and create metadata too. RAW formats that can be handled include CR2, MRW, ARW PEF, SR2, ORF and RAF.

Editing batches of images is possible too through the command line interface.Editing, creating of EXIF and IPTC data is possible from the command line.Viewing of an image is facilitated through he integrated explorer. Simply select a folder with images on the Folders panel and choose a file.You get to read the information about the photo in the properties panel. To sort the photos by a specific property click on the column title. Viewing is done on the preview tool provided by clicking on the file name or the thumbnail of the picture. Editing consists of selecting a file and choosing edit EXIF data to edit date, copyright and all the other data. You can also create data in the EXIF data block.

Overall: A simple and handy tool for editing and manipulating EXIF/ IPTC data.

Publisher's description

Exif Pilot Pro is EXIF editor that allows you to:
- View EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.
- Edit some Makernote tags.
- Edit, create EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.
- Import/export from/to XML format.
- Import/export from/to MS Excel files.
- Import/export from/to a text file in CSV format.
- Edit batches of images.
- Edit, create EXIF and IPTC data from the command line.
- Choose tags for export.
- View descriptions of fields that contain data.
- Copy EXIF or IPTC data to XMP data and XMP data to EXIF or IPTC data. Exif Pilot Pro supports the following formats:
- JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DNG, NEF, PEF, CRW, JP2, PSD - reading, creating, and editing;
- RAW formats, including CR2, MRW, ARW, SR2, ORF and RAF - reading only.
Exif Pilot Pro
Exif Pilot Pro
Version 4.2
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